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SEO & Organic Search Marketing

A balance of technical SEO, UX, and Content Creation.

Effective SEO, or search engine optimization, goes beyond optimizing your website for search engines — it’s a gradual, ongoing process that uses strategic content creation to improve user experience and online visibility. Through monitoring and data testing, our white-hat SEO services are proven to boost organic traffic and convert website visitors into loyal customers.

Want a good ranking on Google?

Search Engine Optimization

It's more fun on top. Get your content to the top of Google results so that your customers can find you.


Hire experts in WordPress SEO

From technical Wordpress website optimisation, to content strategy and user experience design – our SEO specialist can help you grow traffic and sales from search.
We understand WordPress SEO challenges and will take your site to the next level. Our experts can support you with SEO, tailored specifically to the WordPress platform.

Out of the box, your website won’t automatically be crawled and indexed by search engines in the right way and all too often websites are launched and marketers assume they’ll eventually rise to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). That’s where we come in we’ll go through your site with a fine-tooth comb to assess both your technical and content set-up to make sure you have the foundations to grow. Our recommendations are always prioritised to generate maximum business impact, making your site work smarter and faster.


Putting Your Business on Top

We’re big fans of data, insights, and audits. We use them to assess the SEO opportunity for your business so that your investment is worthwhile.

Some are simple SEO tasks, and some more complex, that must be accomplished for Google to crawl, index, and ultimately begin ranking your website on SERPs. To cover all our bases we carry out an over extinctive checklist which covers technical elements, on-page essentials, and off-page signals.

  • Keyword ranking analysis
  • Internal link review
  • Backlinks audit
  • Content optimisation
  • Google Analytics & Search
  • Console check
  • Content and Indexing
  • On-page/metadata analysis

Once the SEO audit is complete, we report of our findings and actionable strategic recommendations — turning your website into a 24-hour working machine focused on your business needs.

SEO Audits and Setups

So, how we do it. The process.

Leverage the latest techniques for organic success from a leading SEO agency. No tricks or gimmicks, just talented people doing best-practice SEO every day to keep you ahead of the competition.

The process


Keyword Discovery

We begin our keyword research process by identifying top keywords in your industry derived from our discovery meeting, competitor websites, and keyword tools. We then research the competitive landscape using selected keywords to identify the types of content ranking on search result pages.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO auditing

A technical site audit is the process of looking at a site, assessing its performance in terms of structure and SEO compliance, and identifying areas for improvement. But just in case that description makes the whole thing sound uncomplicated, understand that this process is anything but simple. A technical site audit consists of a highly-complex evaluation that goes beyond the text on the page, into the nitty-gritty background data that most users never see, all in order to identify potential issues related to usability, accessibility, authority distribution, and how the site is crawled by search engines.


Consulting & Guidance

Sometimes, businesses already have in-house teams or developers that maintain their site for them, but will often still find the need for professional SEO guidance. Our Estonian SEO team can help you focus on the appropriate initiatives, that will move your site in the right direction.
Vulkano Design website auditing and consulting services are the perfect way to get your organic results back on track. Our services will be able to provide prioritized action items that make the most impact on a site’s organic visibility.

While other companies might believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to their process, we at Vulkano Design Agency believe that every business and website are unique. It’s important to adapt SEO strategies on a site-by-site basis and focus on the items that will make the most impact for your targeted metrics.
We believe that it’s important to have a holistic approach to any digital strategy. For this reason, we work closely with your marketing team, to ensure the success of the entire digital marketing strategy for all of your clients.

Frequently asked SEO questions


Growth in organic traffic

On average our clients see an increase in organic traffic by 36% year on year.


Return on investment

On average we achieve an ROI of 6.9X for our SEO clients.

Search engine optimization is the best way to get a business’ website in front of potential customers. According to, 81% of people do online research before making a purchase.

Yes, it’s always changing. Something that worked last year, or even 6 months ago, could very easily be an invalid tactic today. SEO is an ongoing process that requires active monitoring and pivoting strategy, when necessary.

It all depends on the goals of the business/site. By approaching a strategy from a holistic perspective and including both SEO and PPC into that strategy, a site can see even greater success. Our SEO and PPC team closely work together on campaigns, to ensure that their tactics and strategies are properly synergized and focused on the client’s goals.
A healthy combination of SEO and PPC services allow our team to stay proactive and cover for any potential weaknesses in a campaign. For instance, if PPC sees that a particular keyword is too expensive or in conflict with AdWords guidelines, SEO can focus on that area and drive organic traffic for that keyword.

Usually, after 3 months, after implementing changes, you will start to see results. It depends on the competitiveness of your industry and the popularity of keywords used. We predict how long it will take to achieve a first page ranking; in some cases, we have produced results as quick as 30 days.

It depends. Your business objectives ultimately determine the cost of hiring an SEO agency and suitable SEO services, techniques, and expertise you may require to achieve them. If you find that the bounce rate for your website is high, you may wish to hire an SEO agency for onsite optimization to ensure that your website visitors are staying longer and navigating your website with ease. If you want to build and implement a holistic SEO campaign that requires a greater depth of attention, including content creation and link building, it will require more time and a larger budget. Other factors such as gaining faster results, topping competitors or targeting more popular keywords will also require a bigger budget.

Optimizing a Wordpress website isn’t much different than optimizing any other website. The same important aspects of SEO matter most, such as choosing the right keywords through keyword research, boosting site speed, writing high quality content, and more. What is different on Wordpress is how technical SEO is implemented. Wordpress uses themes built in PHP, so it is important that your SEO service provider has Wordpress developers on staff. Technical SEO is more important than ever, so working with an SEO agency that doesn’t have the development skills will lower your chance of ranking #1 in the search engine results.